The Dell Advantage

It all started in 1984, a 19 year old guy, $1000 and a dorm room. It was to change how technology was designed, manufactured and sold. From day one Dell have been making technology more accessible and affordable to more people.

Skip forward 33 years and Dell remain an agent of change, today serving:

  • 95% of global Fortune 500
  • 400,000 Classrooms
  • 60,000 Retail locations
  • 10M Small Businesses
  • 200,000 Physicians
  • Every G20 Government

At Multi-Mix we fully back Dell, a company who's purpose remains unchanged after all these years in business.

Delivery technology solutions that enable people everywhere to grow, thrive and reach their full potential

  • Simplifying the complex
  • Making the powerful easy to use
  • Driving out inefficiency
  • Delivering superior long-term value

Giving you the power to do more

How is Dell different?

  • Standards-based / No Deliberate proprietary lock in
  • Open approach / No intentionally closed ecosystems
  • Modular systems / No costly monolithic stacks
  • Flexible scaling / No forced constraints or rip-and-replace
  • Modern platforms / No vested interest in legacy systems
  • End-to-end solutions / No siloed viewpoint or hidden agenda

More than 1 Dell System shipped every second

120,000+ Dell Systems shipped each day

The Multi-Mix Advantage

We are so proud and prviledged to be a Dell Registered Partner. Multi-Mix has a number of advantages as a result:

  • Access to preconfigured, customer ready solutions
  • Product information, collateral and much more
  • Preferential pricing as a Registered Partner