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Getting Away…

Getting Away…

Getting away from the daily grind can be hard, especially if you’re in a management position.

We all heavily rely on technology whether we like to admit it or not, from our personal lives with social media, checking the news, getting the latest sports results to snapping that perfect selfie.
When it comes to Business it can be a lot harder to switch off, we have to think about incoming customer queries via phone, email, social media and sometimes direct visits to the office or shop floor, how do we switch off from all of that?

As we rely more on technology digital property becomes so important, what do you do if your website goes down? Picture this… you’re on holiday 3 mojitos in and you receive a call from a colleague or worse a customer letting you know your website is down! What do you do? Can you rely on your support team to own and resolve the situation? Do you even have a support team?

Multi-Mix IT is here to help! We offer fantastic pay as you go support on issues that arise, and monthly support contracts for longer term support. To find out more how we can help your business get in touch with us today!

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