The cloud is providing everyone cheaper, safer and more redundant options in IT. From cloud servers where you pay for as much as you need on a pay as you use scheme to storage that can grow as and when you need it to, the cloud gives you access anywhere, anytime, on-demand. It’s enabling software engineers to completely re-invent and improve their products. For example 3CX a software PBX that’s reducing the need for hardware at a huge cost reduction for businesses. Talking of cost reduction the TCO (total cost of ownership) is much lower because of cloud and the ROI (return on investment) is much higher for many businesses. The cloud frees up capital allowing businesses to use the funds in other often much needed places.


3CX Phone System for Windows is a software based PBX – without the inflated cost and management headaches of an ‘old style’ PBX.

G Suite

Previously Google Apps for Work now G Suite from Google Cloud. A set of intelligent apps including Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar to connect the people in your company, no matter where in the world they are.

Office 365

Boost your productivity with reliable access anywhere with services like email, calendar, file sharing, online conferencing, instant messaging, and Office Online.